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How to request evaluation of art works I own?
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Which kinds of art works and antiques we buy? (06/14/2009) Which kinds of art works and antiques we buy? (06/14/2009)

This article is currently available only in Bulgarian

Online auctions - how to participate (04/22/2010) Online auctions - how to participate (04/22/2010)

To bid in an online auction you must be a registered user of the WEB site. To register please follow the link under the login form or simply click here. On the next form fill in all the fields and register. If you are already registered log into the WEB site with your username and password (you can use your e-mail address instead of the username). If you have lost your password use the Lost passw...

Text Formatting - BBCode (08/08/2009) Text Formatting - BBCode (08/08/2009)

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How to auction art works? (05/23/2009) How to auction art works? (05/23/2009)