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Width 55.00 cm
Height 38.00 cm
Dimiter Buyukliyski

Width 27.00 cm
Height 22.00 cm
Georgi Hristov Rubev

Zdrawko Alexandrov

Width 50.00 cm
Height 42.00 cm
Vladimir Velev Manski

Width 80.00 cm
Height 60.00 cm
Boicho Grigorov
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Collection Classic Paintings
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13.jpg ( 152.7Kb)
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Dimitar Vetsin (06/12/2014) Dimitar Vetsin (06/12/2014)

_MG_7365 copy.jpg (   387.8Kb)

Auction paintings and jewlery April 10 2014 (03/19/2014) Auction paintings and jewlery April 10 2014 (03/19/2014)

Auction 10 April 2014 Invitation (from the cover page of the catalog)

Auction "Classic And Modern Art" (10/25/2013) Auction "Classic And Modern Art" (10/25/2013)

5-th of December 2013

_MG_5693.JPG (     1.6Mb)

Auction Paintings (08/06/2013) Auction Paintings (08/06/2013)

On 4-th of September 2013 18:00

_MG_4902.JPG (     2.2Mb)

We are glad to invite you to our next auctions (11/03/2012) We are glad to invite you to our next auctions (11/03/2012)

Bulgarian fine art on 15 November 2012 Auction Antiques on 4 of December 2012

ch2.jpg (     1.7Mb) mn7 copy.jpg (     2.4Mb) or2.jpg (     3.4Mb)

We are gathering items for the next auctions. (08/16/2012) We are gathering items for the next auctions. (08/16/2012)

IMAG0303.jpg (   544.0Kb) _MG_2640.jpg (   392.6Kb)

Auction 5 April 2012 (04/02/2012) Auction 5 April 2012 (04/02/2012)

_MG_6709.jpg (     1.1Mb)

Auction Russian Art 14-15 December 2011 (12/13/2011) Auction Russian Art 14-15 December 2011 (12/13/2011)

The auction will be both online and live in Gallery Victoria. The online bids are accepted from 12:00 (Bulgarian time UTC+2) on 14 of December 2011 until the start of the auction in person in Gallery Victoria at 18:00 on 15 of December 2011 . To bid online you need to register on our WEB site and log on. Then you can bid for any lots you want as in any of our online auctions or use the “buy now”...

Copy of _MG_8480.jpg (   367.6Kb)

Winter auctions (11/20/2011) Winter auctions (11/20/2011)

We are pleased to invite you to our forthcoming auctions - on 6-th of December 2011 in hotel Sheraton and on 15 December 2011 in Gallery Victoria.

Plakat.jpg (   154.6Kb)

Exhibition In The Parliament (07/05/2011) Exhibition In The Parliament (07/05/2011)

Certificate 1
Certificate 1
"Victoria" is the first auction house in Bulgaria to receive a certificate for commercial operations with art.
Valuation, auctioning and purchases of art works.
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Collection Classic Paintings Collection Classic Paintings