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Online auctions - how to participate
To bid in an online auction you must be a registered user of the WEB site. To register please follow the link under the login form or simply click here. On the next form fill in all the fields and register.

If you are already registered log into the WEB site with your username and password (you can use your e-mail address instead of the username). If you have lost your password use the Lost password link.

If you are logged in go to the auction of interest and open the item for which you want to bid. On the following form you will see a field and a button for bidding. Please note! You need to fill the amount with which you want to rise the current top bid and not the full price!. After filling the price click the "bid now" button.

What can happen after that?
If everything is Ok the system will accept your bid, if something is wrong or the state of the lot has changed after the page has been loaded an error message will inform you about the problem. Please note that from the time you hit the lot's page and the time you click the "bid now" button someone else may put a bid on the lot. In such a situation the system will tell you about the change and your bid will not be accepted. If this happens please review the changes and bid again.

On the same page you can view the bidding history. If you are currently the top bidder you can remove your bid in case you bid in a mistake up to 24 hours after bidding, but before the end of the auction.

How to get an item after winning the lot?
The items can be obtained personally in the office of Gallery Victoria 22A Major Yuri Gagarin, Iztok, Sofia, Bulgaria
delivered by a courier service. To arrange delivery please contact us on our phone +359 02 870 11 11 or send a message.
We use various courier services as appropriate for the specific location or the service preferred by the auction winner. Payments can be made in cash, bank transfer and credit cards (credit cards are not accepted online due to the absence of an appropriate service in Bulgaria).

The lots can be observed in person
In contrast to the typical online auctions the auctions of Gallery Victoria offer items that are owned by us or obtained from their owners for auctioning. This means that the items in the online auctions are with the same quality and guarantee for authenticity as the items traded on live auctions. You can come to our saloon to see the items and ask any questions you may have.
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